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Leo Frank and Rich Jews Indict the State of Georgia

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Leo Frank and Rich Jews Indict the State of Georgia

Published October, 1915

Watson's Magazine, October, 1915.

Firebrand populist politician Tom Watson, one of the best defense lawyers in the State of Georgia, was a media publisher and populist politician elected to the United States senate in 1920. Watson reports in his weekly 'Jeffersonian Newspaper' and monthly 'Watson's magazine', on what the general public in the South and United States of American, and later all of Western Civilization, perceives as "Jewish media control", and the manipulation of their powerful mainstream reach on behalf of their ethnocentric racial kinsmen.

More specifically, Watson believes the media in primarily Northern states and "Jewish-owned" newspapers nationally (like the New York Times) began an ethnocentric media campaign, to erroneously exonerate Leo Frank in the minds of the masses. Hatred of this supposed "Jewsmedia" was unofficially born in 1913, with the Leo Frank case, and continues to this day by people who think "Jews control the media".

In Watson's anti-Semitic and pro-Gentile world view, he articulates the well orchestrated nationwide campaign led by "Jewish supremacist hate mongers" against the State of Georgia, which unravels from dozens of newspapers across the United States, which Watson believes the Jews hoped would emotionally bully the people of Georgia and Governor John M. Slaton to pardon Leo Frank and set him free.

August 18, 1913, Leo Frank's Ironic Admission that Some Say Amounted to a Confession During his Murder Trial

Be sure to read Tom Watson's interpretation of the August 18, 1913, Leo Frank murder trial confession (see August and September, 1915 issues of Watson's Magazine), which was originally articulated by State's Prosecution attorneys Frank Arthur Hooper and Hugh Dorsey at the Leo Frank Trial in late August 1913 (see the closing arguments of prosecution lawyers in American State Trials Volume X 1918 by John D. Lawson LLD).

The best works about the Leo Frank trial in the opinion of early 20th century Southerners were written by the seasoned Lawyer Tom Watson, produced through his Jeffersonian Publishing Company via his newspaper and magazine (1914, 1915, 1916 and 1917).

If you want to understand the Leo Frank case with lucid clarity, read and study all the following works listed below:

Excellent sources of research and information about the Leo Frank Case include:

0. The Leo Frank Case Inside Story of Georgia's Greatest Murder Mystery 1913 - The first neutral book written about the murder of Mary Phagan and trial of Leo Frank.

1. The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Phagan Kean (Available on Written by Mary Phagan Kean, the great grand niece of Mary Phagan. A neutral account of the events surrounding the trial and appeals of Leo Frank, including his posthumous pardon. The Murder of Little Mary Phagan is well worth reading and it is a refreshing change from the endless number of Jewish authored modern and contemporary books, disingenuously transforming the Leo Frank case into a neurotic, anti-Gentile, race obsessed tabloid controversy.

2. American State Trials, volume X (1918) by John Lawson tends to be biased in favor of Leo Frank and his legal defense team. This case commentary review provides an *abridged* version of the Brief of Evidence, leaving out some of the important testimony and evidence when it republishes parts of the trial testimony. Be sure to read the abridged closing arguments of Luther Zeigler Rosser, Reuben Rose Arnold, Frank Arthur Hooper and Hugh Manson Dorsey. For a more complete version of the Leo M. Frank trial testimony, read the 1913 Leo Frank Case Brief of Evidence.

3. Argument of Hugh M. Dorsey in the Trial of Leo Frank. Some but not all of the 9 hours of arguments given to the Jury at the end of the Leo Frank trial on August 22, 23, and 25, 1913. Only 18 libraries in the United States have copies of these statements in book format. This is an excellent book and required reading for students of the Leo Frank case to see how Hugh Dorsey, in sales vernacular, 'closed' the panel of 13 men (the trial jury of 12 men plus Judge Leonard Strickland Roan).

4. Leo M. Frank, Plaintiff in Error, vs. State of Georgia, Defendant in Error. In Error from Fulton Superior Court at the July Term 1913, Brief of Evidence. Only three original copies from 1913 and 1914 exist at the Georgia State Archive.

Three Major Atlanta Dailies: The Atlanta Constitution, The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Georgian (Hearst's Tabloid Yellow Journalism). The most relevant issues center around April 28th to August 27th 1913.

5. Atlanta Constitution Newspaper: The Murder of Mary Phagan, Coroner's Inquest, Grand Jury, Investigation, Trial, Appeals, Prison Shanking and Lynching reported about the Leo Frank Case in the Atlanta Constitution Daily Newspaper from 1913 to 1915.

6. Atlanta Georgian newspaper covering the Leo Frank Case from late April though August, 1913.

7. Atlanta Journal Newspaper, April, 28, 1913, through till the end of August, 1913, pertaining to articles about the Leo Frank Case:

Leo Frank confirms he might have been in the bathroom at the time Monteen Stover said his office was empty (12:05 pm to 12:10 pm): See the Atlanta Constitution, Monday, March 9, 1914, Leo Frank Jailhouse Interview

U.S. Senator Tom Watson

8. Tom Watson's Jeffersonian Newspaper (1914, 1915, 1916 and 1917) and Watson's Magazine (1915). Tom Watson's best work on the Leo M. Frank case was published in August and September 1915. Watson's five major magazine works written serially on the Frank-Phagan affair, provide logical arguments confirming the guilt of Leo M. Frank with the superb reasoning of a seasoned criminal attorney. These five 1915 articles published over numerous months are absolutely required reading for anyone interested in the Leo M. Frank Case. Originals of these magazines are extremely difficult to find.

8.1. The Leo Frank Case By Tom Watson (January 1915) Watson's Magazine Volume 20 No. 3. See page 139 for the Leo Frank Case. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.2. The Full Review of the Leo Frank Case By Tom Watson (March 1915) Volume 20. No. 5. See page 235 for 'A Full Review of the Leo Frank Case'. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.3. The Celebrated Case of The State of Georgia vs. Leo Frank By Tom Watson (August 1915) Volumne 21, No 4. See page 182 for 'The Celebrated Case of the State of Georgia vs. Leo Frank". Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.4. The Official Record in the Case of Leo Frank, Jew Pervert By Tom Watson (September 1915) Volume 21. No. 5. See page 251 for 'The Official Record in the Case of Leo Frank, Jew Pervert'. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.5. The Rich Jews Indict a State! The Whole South Traduced in the Matter of Leo Frank By Tom Watson (October 1915) Volume 21. No. 6. See page 301. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source:

Tom Watson's Jeffersonian Weekly Newspaper

9. The archive of Tom E. Watson Digital Papers, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, contains the full collection of Jeffersonian Newspapers:

Modern Leo Frank cult members (known as Frankites) are posing as neutral reviewers and attempting to convince people not to read Tom Watson's analysis about the Frank-Phagan affair. Watson's analysis of the case is the controversial forbidden fruit of truth that have been censored for more than 100 years. For a nearly complete selection of: Tom Watson's Jeffersonian newspaper articles specifically related to the Murder of Mary Phagan and Leo Frank Case.

Tom Watson Brown, Grandson of Thomas Edward Watson

10. Notes on the Case of Leo M. Frank, By Tom W. Brown, Emery University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1982.

Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Archive:

11. Leo Frank Trial and Appeals Georgia Supreme Court File (1,800 pages).

Publisher Jeffersonian Publishing Company, 1915
Year 1915
Language English
Book contributor Senator Thomas Edward Watson
Collection opensource
Notes Open Source. Original copies are extremely rare and virtually impossible to find. Download, this PDF and put it on other free online libraries for people to read.


Reviewer: manhattansunrise - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 14, 2013
Subject: Leo Frank Supporters Hiding Behind Adhominem Attacks and Cowardice
The truth usually wins out in the end, no matter how aggressively Leo Frank partisans try to twist the facts and manipulate the evidence on Frank's behalf. No matter how many books are written by Leo Frank partisans that spin a web of lies, people are finding out the truth that he confessed to the murder multiple times. Putting all the Jewish rhetoric aside, Tom Watson provides numerous examples of Jewish media control in the early 20th century, which some believe has become an insidious plague all over the United States of America and Western Civilization in the 21st century. From the well organized national campaign started by Rabbi David Marx, and funded by Adolph Ochs owner of the New York Times and advertising magnate Albert Lasker, in a shameless effort to get Leo Frank exonerated, continuing through to the perfidious Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith members and other Jewish organizations wheeling and dealing behind the scenes to get Leo Frank pardoned without exoneration. Frankites duping and bamboozling of the general public with lies, half-truths and propaganda about the Leo Frank case, is debunked when one reads Watson's Magazine August and September 1915 issues.

If some of the reviewers here try to convince you not to read Tom Watson's five major works on the Leo Frank case written in 1915, using cheesy race card scare tactics, hate language and personal attacks, you know you definitely have to read them all right now!

Did you know Leo Frank was one of the only people in US history to make a virtual murder confession at his own trial? Shocking, eh? Find out how he did it in Watson's magazine September 1915.
Reviewer: vanguard402 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 31, 2011
Subject: Leo Frank got lucky
For the sake of argument, let's put aside the fact that Leo Frank was a Jew, and Tom Watson's political views and ties to the KKK. Dig a little deeper into the case and take a look at writings such as 'The Murder of Little Mary Phagan' by her great-niece, a book which the American Jewish Outlook described as the "Definitive account of one of the most famous crimes of the century." Further research into this case will always indicate that he was guilty of one of the most heinous crimes of its time, and the only reason his death was delayed so long was political corruption. In my opinion, he got off lightly; a hanging death is too quick for the crimes he committed.

By the way MorpheusOne, your grammatical ineptitude indicates a poorly (or wholly) uneducated mind. I'm not certain, but I believe that I was taught proper use of apostrophes in grade school. Your seemingly arbitrary placement of apostrophes throughout what I can only describe as an uneducated and spiteful rant seems to indicate either low intelligence or improper schooling. For your sake, I hope the later is true. In either case, the frequent grammatical errors, redundant repetitive insults, and violent thoughts certainly don't lend credence to your case.
Reviewer: MorpheusOne - favorite - July 30, 2011
Subject: You idiot's need more fluoride in your water!
Leo Frank was innocent and you race traitor's, human race traitor's, you traitor's to the human race, should cut off and/or out your sexual organ's so that you can no longer pollute this world with your demon seed!

Burn in Hell!!
Reviewer: sarahcohen - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 15, 2011
Subject: i would be pissed off too
what a sad world we live in where people don't even take the time to read the leo frank trial brief of evidence and apply a critical eye to it. if they did they would know that leo frank made a virtual murder confession at is own trial on August 18, 1913.

leo frank is without question guilty of the crime and what the newspapers at the time tried to do to get him exonerated is disgusting.

he best issues on the Leo Frank trial are watson's magazine issues August and September of 1915. however, the best overview of the leo frank case was written by mary phagan kean, 'the murder of little mary phagan'.
Reviewer: anderson10 - favorite - April 25, 2011
Subject: Tom Watson was a KKK-supporting, anti-semitic bigot
Yet another posting pretending Tom Watson was a fair analyst. He was not - he was a KKK-supporting, anti-semitic, anti-Catholic bigot. Look up his writings on these subjects. His diatribes, as the ridiculous review that introduces this post, were motivated by hatred, not facts. Please look up his writings and see what a bigot this man was....And when you see comments like "arrogant Jew," it's pretty clear what's going on here.
Reviewer: Apiru-inhibitor - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 24, 2011
Subject: Leo Frank deserved it
Leo Frank was an arrogant jew who thought he could get away with murder. The governor of Georgia was too corrupt which is why the case lasted longer than it did.
Reviewer: woodycrest1000 - favorite - April 23, 2011
Subject: Tom Watson, bigot by his own writing, is, sadly, not unique to his time
Manhattansunrise and other names on this site that post this garbage would not like you to look into who Tom Watson was. I invite you to look into his hate-filled, anti-semitic, anti-black, anti-Catholic, pro-KKK writings. Sadly, the same ignorant hot-buttons still exist for bigots. They're just counting on you not looking into the source of this garbage.
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